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  • These search queries may be unsuitable for children, or offend some sensitive adults.
  • Using this tool won't really ruin your search history. It will modify it with randomized queries.
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Ruin My Search History

    Ruin Search History: More Than Just a Fun Tool

    While RuinMySearchHistory became world known for its witty tool presented above, we are have grown beyond this scope over the past few years. We aspire to provide substaintial value to our readers in the areas of personal security online. We are not gearing for industry experts or IT specialists - we cater to the widest audiences out there:


    Those want to stay safe
    Young adults, parents, and more mature audiences who want to be safer while browsing the internet. That means reducing the chances of getting malware, viruses, being scammed or being extorted.
    Those who want to remain anonymous
    These are the people who want to avoid the long hand of the goverment from reaching them. We are not talking about outlaws - just ordinary people like you and me who don't like the notion that someone is watching their every move or selling their private information.
    Those who want accessibility
    Much of the internet's content is blocked to people from certain regions. Many people believe this is unjust and proactively seek ways to remedy the situation and get access to content that is normally blocked for them.


    Ruin Search History & Stay Safe Online Via VPN Software

    Do you want to stay safe and annoynmous while browsing the internet or download files? Governments and commercial firms are watching your every move online. Your actions are tracked and recorded by your Internet Service Providers and up for scrunitization by the goverment at any time it will be required. Websites are profiling you and tailoring their advertising to you based on your preferences.


    Additionally, a lot of the world's best content, whether it may be Netflix or BBC, is geo-specific. You won't get the same contents (or won't be able to access the service at all) from certain regions in the world. How about countries like China who block Google, Facebook and Twitter?


    VPN services are a one-stop-shop that costs less than $5 a month and address all the topics above. It's a simple, easy-to-use, solution that enables you to access the internet through different regions of the world than your current physical location. These best VPN services don't record your internet usage at all, and you will become indistinguishable for advertisers and governments. You would be able to access whatever materials or download files in  a truly anonymous and incognito manner.

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    - The BIG Privacy Survey of 2018. Stay tuned!


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    Your Online Privacy and Saftey is Our Concern

    Ruin My Search Hisotry (abrv. RMSH) was set up for a multitude of purposes. The first and foremost goal of this website is to educate the public on online saftey and say loud and clear "NO" to governments and commercial companies which are misusing their data to keep track of visitors. We believe the internet should be as free as it was intended to be, a place where no limitations shall be put, a global fountain of knowledge for free use. You can read more on our vision here: