What are Mozilla Firefox Addons and Extensions?

Mozilla Firefox logo Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular all-round browsers available today. Nevertheless, despite its great performance you can still improve the app’s capabilities by installing addons. This is a general term referring to plugins, themes and extensions which are all installable enhancements. They allow you to add or improve features, use custom themes and even handle new forms of content. There are no limitations to the type of add-ons that you can put up, the apps can perform various functions such as comparing prices, weather forecasting, listening to online tunes, or even updating your social media profile.

Categories of Firefox add-ons:

These applications are available in 3 main types which include; I) Extensions. They are used for adding new features to the browser or customizing those that already exist. Mozilla extensions can help you perform functions such as downloading online videos, integrating the browser with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or blocking unwanted advertisements. II) Plugins. They provide support for all types of web content, including patented formats such as Flashes used for audio, presentations, online games and video. Usually, plug-ins are developed and distributed by various web companies. III) Themes. There are 2 main types of themes that are applicable with Firefox. The first one is Complete theme which alters the form of buttons and menus, while the other is Background theme which enhances the tap-strip and menu bar with a backdrop image. Nevertheless, the browser considers Complete themes as Legacy add-ons which will be deactivated upon the launch of Firefox version 57. Apart from the above apps, Firefox also allows various secondary search engines to be installed and used directly from the Search or Address Bar. You can install these additional search engines directly from their official websites, or access them from Mozilla’s addons page. As highlighted above, add-ons have plenty of different uses. Some help in modifying how you view web pages and can alter the content of a website as it’s displayed. For instance, Adblock extensions can stop the browser from loading advertisement images. Additionally, there are apps particularly dedicated to privacy and security. They help in improving safety and online anonymity beyond what Firefox normally offers. For example, HTTPS Everywhere is an app that can be used to make your browsing experience more secure by only allowing HTTPS connections instead of HTTP if supported.

Most Common Add-ons for Mozilla

a) Grammarly grammarly It’s an editing tool that can help you avoid various grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing. The tool is free for users who require less than 400 spelling/grammar checks in a month, otherwise anything more than this will require an annual subscription fee of $140 dollars. Grammarly also detects contextual errors, subject-verb issues and word confusions. b) Amazon Assistant amazon assistant Amazon Assistant brings various exciting features of the online shopping site directly to your Firefox browser. It gives you updates on product ratings, prices, comparable items and so forth. The app will also notify you when a new daily offer is available, and provide regular updates when ordered items are shipped and delivered by Amazon. c) DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo logo It’s an anonymous browsing search-engine that provides online security by hiding your IP address, search queries and other online activities. Privacy is at the heart of this app as it also allows you to block ad trackers, and require websites to use encrypted networks where possible. While other traditional engines provide results based on your search history and other similar indicators, DuckDuckGo shows only results from your particular query. d) Adblock Plus Adblock plus Mozilla statistics indicate that Adblock Plus is the most popular addon with an estimated user-base of 13.4 million people. This top-rated tool allows you to remove unwanted ads from your browser, while allowing those that adhere to online advertising standards and rules. e) iMacros iMacros This convenient add-on automates various repetitive tasks that users perform online by synchronizing them accordingly. If you are tired of constantly filling online forms, password requests and security checks then this app would be helpful to you. It will save you from lots of time wasted performing these tasks one by one. Mozilla addons and extensions are useful for making your online browsing experience safe, convenient and enjoyable. They can either be accessed from Mozilla’s official website or that of the specific app.

How to Add or Remove Add-ons:

In order to add or remove an add-on on Mozilla Firefox, you can simply click the More button (top right corner in the browser) and click the “Add-ons” button like shown bellow: Firefox Add-ons Now you can toggle through the Extensions, Themes and Plugins sections and you can add or remove any of them. Firefox addons GIF If you need more tips on Firefox, we have tutorials on how to disable cookies on FireFox for iOS, Android and Desktop. Or you might be interested in how to use private browsing in Firefox for Android.

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