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As we continue our search for the list of best VPNs, we came across GoldenFrog GmbH’s VyprVPN. As we are no newcomers to the industry, being involved for online privacy and tool reviews for over a decade, right off the get-go of this VyprVPN review, we have came to realize that this is not your ordinary VPN. Vpn is a low-barrier industry which means there are a ton of smaller providers who provide, give or take, the same service as the company next door. The only thing which differentiates these smaller VPN providers is pricing, and often times they are owned by the same company. With VyprVPN, there is a very serious company behind it with real credentials in the online privacy sector. The offering is immense and diverse.

… Let’s stop this blabber now, and get on with the VyprVPN 2018 review conducted by the staff at RuinMySearchHistory.com. If you don’t know who we are you can have a look at our goal statement or take a look below at the publications which chose to link to this website.


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VyprVPN Review: Basic Data

This part relates to the VyprVPN product, as well as the company behind it – GoldenFrog.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Country / Offices: Switzerland.
  • Employees: ~80
  • IP Addresses: More than 200,000 IP addresses
  • Servers: 700+ servers
  • Server Locations: More than 70 global server locations
  • Office Locations: Switzerland.
  • CEO: Ron Yokubaitis is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Golden Frog
  • Official website: https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn
  • Story: Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis are serial entrepreneurs who have been active online since the early 1990’s. They used to own Texas.net, one of the first internet service providers in the USA, as well as Giganews, one of the the world’s leading Usenet providers. Giganews started offering VPN services a lot time ago, before it was a popular or highly beneficial tool. The company was allegedly conceived when its co-founders filed papers against the notorious room 641a activity which involved the NSA’s surveillance on AT&T’s network. When the founders came to realize the U.S government is accepting of such activity, they swore to take matters into their own hands and provide a mean of surfing the internet without being watched by the government. This is a truly fantastic story. We took it from their own website. Whether it’s true or not, we don’t know.
  • All code is done in-house, which means there is no 3rd party code, making this a safer product than most.
  • Complaints: We have scanned every editorial and user-generated review online about VyprVPN. There were hundreds of testimonials by existing and past clients, as well as very thorough analysis of the product by industry experts. We did find some complaints about a variety of topics (mostly technical stuff like slow loading or unable to run the software on a certain machine or mobile device), but the VAST MAJORITY of online reviews of VyprVPN were positive. Even on the Google Play store, which is notorious to have more complaints than positive reviews, it has received a rating of more than 80% with more than 30,000 reviewers.

Our take:

As we said right at the beginning of this Vypr VPN review, this company is the exact opposite of your ordinary VPN companies. A large staff of 80 employees, in Switzerland, operating for 10 years almost, and maintaining a clean reputation throughout the period.

At this point of the review we already know VyprVPN is a winner. Crowd wisdom is always the smartest thing to follow, and this VPN software has better reviews than all of its peers, on both desktop, and mobile. It is genuinely trustworthy, which means much more than having the best pricing or the most diverse offering (but VyprVPN has those too, don’t worry).

Technical Specs and Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $5 per month, paid per anum
  • Premium Plan: $6.67 per month, paid per anum
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Locations: 700 (200,000 IPs)
  • Speed: We tried 10 different locations and measured the latency. We measured it in real time with 2 devices against popular competitor HideMyAss!, using IPs in the same locales. Our tests have shown VyprVPN is tremendously faster and very little latency was noted.
  • Regulatory security: Switzerland is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of data protection, and IP addresses as considered personal information by law.

Our take:

Fast, cheap, free trial, 700 locations, 20,000 IPs, protection of privacy by Swiss law and available on every popular platform in existence. Let’s just to conclusions now.

VyprVPN Review Conclusions

We think VyprVPN is one of the best VPNs around. In fact, it is the best we have tested and reviewed to date. Download from https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn or view our offer below.

VyprVPN Promotion (Exclusive!)

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