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This VPN for Mac users for 2019 article is long and comprehensive. We aspire to provide value information about the different Mac-oriented VPN providers out there, and to do that, we need to explain the basics of VPN usage, and the reasons which for we have nominated these particular VPN software providers as the top rated VPN for Mac in 2019.  All VPN companies featured on this page offer VPN software for Mac computers, iPhones and iPads.

This article is a subset of the information you can find on our general best VPN list for all devices.

Top Mac VPNs of 2019 Including iPhone and iPad

From $3.29/m
Most Comfortable Pricing
Thousands of Servers
No Logs
Most Recognizable
iPhone and iPad App Available
Express VPN
From $6.67/m
Fastest VPN for Mac
Strong Encryption Tools
High Quality of Support
Use 6 devices with one license
iPhone and iPad App Available
Vypr VPN
From $3.75/m
Transparent Policies
Most Anonymous
200,000 IP addresses
Strong Ongoing Promotions
iPhone and iPad App Available

Additional information about these companies and what they offer is available below

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  1. Usages of VPN for Mac
  2. How Mac VPN Works
  3. Reasons to not use a Mac VPN
  4. Should I use free VPN for Mac?
  5. How to choose the right VPN software?
  6. Top Rated Mac VPN for 2019 – Top 10 List ?
  7. How do top mac VPN service compare?
  8. Footnotes
  9. I only care about speed, show me the Fastest VPN comparison please

Usages of VPN for Mac

Different people have different needs, and they are searching for the best VPN for Mac for different reasons. With that being said there are some similarities in our audience’s requirements, and based on our experience these are the most common use cases for which people seek for such VPNs:

a. Mac users often get a sudden realization that their Mac device is as vulnerable as a normal Windows PC. It is a common misconceptions to think that because Mac operates in a closed environment it is free of any security hazards and risk; It’s true that when it comes to mobile devices, iPhones and iPads are less penetrable than Android phones but that doesn’t mean that they are completely safe, and that has nothing to do with the Macbook which has the exact same vulnerabilities as a windows-based or a chrome-based laptop.

To enhance their personal security on the internet, Mac users are seeking for VPN software that runs on Mac.

b. Mac users, similarly to anyone else in the world, want to remain anonymous from internet surveillance by governments and other bodies. There hasn’t has to be a particular reason for one’s desire to stay below the radar without a government agency recording his every move, and that is completely acceptable reason to use a VPN.

c. Using a VPN will allow you to mimic the IP address of distant locations. That means that if you are going to use your Macbook to reach Netflix on your vacation abroad, you might not be able to watch the content you intended to watch because it is blocked in this region. Using a top notch VPN service can help you surpass that.


How Mac VPN Works and how to Use it

A Mac VPN application is very easy to operate. You essentially open it once, whether using a computer, and iPad or an iPhone, and select your desired location from a long list of locations. Everything else is fully automated, once it connects, remote websites and services will identify you as someone from that region of the world that you have selected. You won’t be needing to do any complex configuration (and if you happen to be needing it, a reliable Mac VPN with 24/7 support will be able to assist you in a jiffy).

Before you can do all of the above, you have to buy a license costing between $3 (cheapest Mac VPN) and $10 per month. A relatively small amount for an application that enhances security and anonymity. There are free Mac VPNs too, but more on that below.

What are the downsides of using a VPN?

There are very clear downsides to using a VPN to Mac, and the question you should be asking yourself whether these disadvantages somehow overpower the advantages of using VPN for Mac.

  • There is a monetary cost to purchasing a license. It is normally much lower if you pay for 1 or 2 years upfront, so you will also have to commit to buying a Mac VPN for the long term (else you will be losing a lot of money).
  • VPN will make your internet – whether using iPhone, iPad, on 4G or Mac at home with your Wifi – slower. Think of it like this – when your Mac device connects into the internet, it goes through another stop before it reaches its destination. The speediest VPNs for Mac will minimize the problem but it will never match the speed of a non-encrypted connection.
  • In some countries like China, Russia and the like, using a VPN can be outright illegal. You would have to check the local regulation of your country to know more about this issue. If you reside in the USA, UK, Australia, EU or anywhere partly reasonable and democratic you have nothing to worry about as long as long as you don’t use your VPN connection to conduct illegal activities.

Why not use free VPNs for Mac

Although VPN services for Mac aren’t particularly expensive, there should be no reason to pay for licenses when there are so many free alternatives out there. You can easily find free VPN apps for iPhone or iPad, or free VPN programs for your Mac, there are literally hundreds of those readily available.

The biggest issue with free VPNs for Mac is as follows – these are unreliable services that don’t really report to you what information they have been logging. With our top Mac VPN companies, there is a certain level of transparency on their behalf explaining exactly why they are safe and anonymous. With free providers, it doesn’t exist. That means you could be using a free VPN which is tracing your every move or even selling your information or using it for illicit purposes. Additionally and importantly, free VPNs which aren’t generating any income from users aren’t able to develop their infrastructure to the same extent as paid Mac VPN software developers – their backbone is much weaker, more vulnerable to attacks, and slower.

Additional to the above, free VPN services for Mac are almost never unlimited in bandwidth. That means you can’t do much activity with them. Definitely not watch videos, share files or download them, listen to music or do any of the above?

How to choose the right VPN software?

Use our VPN for Mac reviews and selections below to get an idea of the best options for Mac users in 2019. We recommend reading through reviews of companies that spark your interest, sign up for a free period (Which is offered by all top VPN software for Mac), and see how well it works for you.

Top Rated Mac VPN for 2019 – Top 10 List  ? Updated January 2019

Discover our selection of VPN for Mac reviews which are well known and recommended by industry professionals. These are executive summaries of the reviews, and can be used by users of all levels – from beginners to experts. Remember that some companies offer various VPN plans for Mac users with varying prices, hence, the prices we mentioned here may change a bit.

#1: VyprVPN

70 Countries  and 200,000 IP Address

Operating since 2009 with spotless reputation

No Log VPN regulated in Switzerland

$5 per month pricing, Free trial period

Mac Software Available

iPhone and iPad apps

Read Vypr VPN Review

Promotion: 3 Months Free – Exclusive for RuinMySearchHistory.com

#2: NordVPN

Great support by professional staff 24/7

Great Mac software and mobile application

From $3.23 a month! (On a two year plan)

2,000 Servers in 57 Countries (and growing)

No log policy

Mac Software Available

iPhone and iPad apps

Read NordVPN Review

#3: HideMyAss VPN (HMA!)

100,000+ IP Addresses!

Reliable and most recommended on the internet

Multiple connections at the same time with one license

No IP leaks or log recording

Mac Software Available

iPhone and iPad apps

Read HideMyAss Review

#4: Express VPN

Fastest Mac VPN based on our testing

Strong encryption, advanced protocols

Very positive reviews by users across the web

Money back guarantee for 30 days

Mac Software Available

iPhone and iPad apps

Read ExpressVPN Review

#5: VPN Area

Highly secure

Great website and application

Less known but makes utmost efforts to gain market share

Mac Software Available

iPhone and iPad apps

Read VPN Area Review

… Additional options – more great VPN providers!


Free trial with 30-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

Responsive customer service

High Speed

Highly anonymous

Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Routers

Read SaferVPN review HERE


Zero Data Logging Policy

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

High Speed for Download and Streaming

Highly Anonymous

Killswitch Feature

Read PrivateVPN review HERE

Goose VPN

30-day money-back guarantee

Servers in 28 countries

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

No log policy

Read Goose VPN eview HERE

TunnelBear VPN

30-day money-back guarantee

Free trial – 500MB of free data every month

Servers in 22 countries

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

No log policy

Read TunnelBear review HERE

NameCheap VPN

One of the biggest internet companies

New “beta” product

No log policy

Sufficient speed

Transparent and fair prices

Read NameCheap review HERE

Cyber Ghost

1000 IP Addresses

Top notch security and encryption

No logs


Cyber Ghost reviews online are: highly positive!

Available for: Linux, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

Multiple Connections at the same time 

Hostspot Shield

Extra Layer of Cloud Security

Super easy to use

Least time to connect to server

Available for: Linux, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

Multiple Connections at the same time

Compare different VPN offers for Mac

VPN comparison parameters #1: VyprVPN #2: NordVPN #3: HideMyAss VPN (HMA!) #4: Express VPN #5: VPN Area
Price/ 1 mo US$12.95/mo US$11.95/mo $11.99/mo US$12.95/mo US$9.9/mo
Price/ 6 mo US$5/mo US$9/mo US$7.99/mo US$9.99/mo US$8.33/mo
Price/ 12 mo US$3.75/mo US$6.99/mo US$5.99/mo US$6.67/mo US$4.92/mo
Number of services 700+ servers 2600 servers 760+ servers 1500 servers 209 servers
Number of server locations 70+ server locations
320+ server locations
Trial period 3 Day 3 Day 7 Days 30 Days 7 Days
Operating system requirements Windows Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, mac, linux, android, ios Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
Operating system requirements Mac OS X, 10.10 Yosemite OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion mac, linux, android, ios, blackberry, windows-phone mac, linux, android, ios mac, linux, android, ios, blackberry Mac, iOS, Chromebook, Android, and Linux
Number of countries 62 64 190+ 154 70
Connection Speed 10 seconds 9 seconds 8 seconds 11 seconds 10 seconds
Additional options (decyphering, virtual router) NAT Firewall provides an extra layer of security for your VyprVPN connection and offers additional protection on your router or mobile device. Strong Encryption (2048-bit SSL for OpenVPN) First-class security – AES-256 encryption, emergency disconnection from the network, zero DNS disclosure VPNArea continues to work well with Netflix and other streaming services and it is also one of the few VPNs that offer dedicated IP addresses.
Number of IP addresses 200000+ IP addresses
Connection protocols PPTP
IKEv2 (Manual setup and iOS only)
OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2/IPsec OpenVPN, L2TP/Ipsec, PPTP PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2
Simultaneous connections allowed Three and five (Standard / Premium, respectively) of simultaneously connected devices 6 devices 2 devices 3 devices 6 devices
Logs Yes No Yes No No
Country where company is registered Switzerland Panama United Kingdom British Virgin Islands Bulgaria
Mobile App? + + + + +
Money back guarantee No refunds 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee (valid until you spend 10 GB of traffic) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Foundation date 2010 2008 2005 2009 2012
Kill switch Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Comparing Mac VPNs – What does this comparison chart mean?

We have decided to compare only a subset of the variety of Mac VPN services currently available on the market. We don’t have sufficient resources to compare every single VPN service for Mac, only the very top Mac VPNs in 2019. These are all companies which have been offering their services for many years now and dominate the industry. We know that there might be smaller competitors out there providing example service for Mac users but we think the best course of action is to focus on these providers.



* The site is ad-free, but some of  our links are referral links. That means we make a small commission off of each client we send through and decides to sign up. That means our interests are fullly aligned with those of our Mac using audience; we want to offer them only the best Mac VPN software for affordable prices so they will eventually sign up.

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    I already bought a NordVPN subscription, cause I saw that it has that pcmag editors choice badge with the maximum rating, so I guess it’s one of the most reliable VPNs on the market.

  2. Jhohan Ina

    NordVPN is my favourite provider so far. It also has pcmag editors choice badge with the maximum rating and because of that, I truly believe that it is one of the most reliable VPNs on the market. Moreover, they sent me a promo code, so you can receive a discount here: nordvpn.org/FESTIVENORD


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