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VPN Area is a new state-of-the-art Windows VPN app that’s used by 1000s of people all over the world. The software is owned by Bulgarian based company Offshore Security Ltd and therefore falls under the country’s jurisdiction. However, their servers and emails are managed in Switzerland.

With this service, subscribers have plenty of options to choose from given that it boasts 100s of high speed servers spread across 54 countries. The app can be accessed from developed countries such as US, Canada, Australia and UK, as well as far-flung regions like Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

VPNArea can support up to 6 connections simultaneously, not to mention the Kill Switch protocol that can conceal your IP address if the service accidentally fails. Read this VPNArena.com review to learn more about this innovative piece of software.

VPNArea Features:

Diverse and cutting-edge interface

The app’s interface is simple and attractive, with a menu icon on the left-side that allows you to choose between the current VPN Network, a list of servers, Auto IP Changer and Anti DNS Leak.

Moreover, the software has a variety of program iterations incorporated in it, which was done in an attempt to make it accessible to everyone. Apart from Windows operating systems, they also have older OS versions and less popular platforms like Ubuntu and Linux.

Upon downloading it on your computer, you’ll be presented with a choice of 17 platforms to pick from. Make sure you check your operating system to confirm that you’re installing a compatible iteration, and then click on the ‘Setup File’ button.

Maximum browsing security

browsing privacy

The network doesn’t keep any logs on user activity, thus ensuring that your online activity is as anonymous as possible. They have a policy of not monitoring, recording or storing any bandwidth statistics, timestamps, login dates and incoming/outgoing IP addresses. The software also encrypts your web traffic with impenetrable bank-grade encryption, which helps to keep prying eyes at bay.

Furthermore, unlike other VPN providers that often say in their disclosure policy that they’ll provide your details to 3rd parties if they believe it’s a legal requirement, VPNArea are adamant that they won’t do it unless served with a court order. The company maintains that they’ll contest every legal request to comply with the law if it infringes on your privacy.

Convenient payment options

VPNArea accepts various types of payment from subscribers, these include Paypal, Webmoney, standard credit cards, Payza and even Bitcoin for users looking for more anonymity.

Typically, VPNArea plans don’t auto-renew and you must refresh your subscription once it has expired. This means the company won’t keep taking your cash if you don’t want to use their service for whichever reason.

DNS leak protection

The software has Anti-DNS Leak protocol that allows you to conduct DNS Leak tests on available servers before connecting to them, which provides an additional layer of security.

Likewise, an extra layer of security is available with the Automatic IP Changer function. It allows you to choose which servers are to be used, as well as how frequently you want your ISP to alternate. Once activated, it will automatically change your IP address every so often in order to maintain privacy.

Wide variety of servers

VPNArea servers

VPNArea has no shortage of servers, the network has a variety of servers in different countries that have alphabetically been listed on the platform. There’s also a header bar on the app that allows you to organize the list appropriately to suit your interests.

Furthermore, at the page’s bottom corner there’s a speed test icon that allows you to check the bandwidth strength of networks, so that you can choose the best option available. After running the speed-test, it’s also possible to list the networks based on factors such as the highest upload rate or quickest ping speed.

Kill Switch

This is an optional security protocol that allows you to code the network so as to lock any sensitive programs, particularly when it switches off from the connectivity system. Consequently, the Kill Switch will help protect your IP Address from unauthorized parties.

If you have sensitive material on your computer, this tool can be very helpful as it acts as a guardian against such information being accessed by hackers, especially in cases where the VPN got disconnected without your notice.

Access Blocked Websites

VPNArea allows you to access online content that may be blocked in your area of operation. Sometimes, governments may censor popular sites such as Facebook for various reasons. If you are using a regular internet connection then you’ll also be affected, but since VPNArea hides your IP address from everyone then the ban won’t affect your computer.

Additionally, the company provides networks that are specifically fine-tuned to suit users looking to utilize popular internet services such as Netflix. For this, they have a US-based server that’s programmed with the Netflix-EU hub as well as another one that’s suited for regular Neflix.

Private server is offered as an add-on

For as little as $20 dollars per year, the company can provide you a confidential IP address with ultrafast bandwidth speed. VPNArea can also provide IPs in several locations such as USA, AU, UK and NL among other countries. They currently have the lowest price plan in the market, with the private VPN network offered as a bonus to subscribers.

VPN Area Pros and Cons


a) VPNArea has been rated ‘The Best Torrents VPN of 2017.

b) Unlimited bandwidth. You don’t have to worry about data consumption since there are no limits on the network.

c) Special Streaming servers. It allows you to access your favorite content oversees using uniquely designed streaming servers, also known as NFLX.

d) The app is suitable for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux OS.

e) The VPN network allows for account sharing with friends, family or colleagues.

f) Ticket support system is available. You can easily raise queries or concerns to the company which are handled through a Ticket system, this makes it easier for the firm to track conversations.


i) You require Admin approval to access the network.

ii) Customer service is not 24/7.

iii) Download instructions can be too complicated for some people.

In conclusion, VPNArea is a convenient privacy network that allows for secure and fast browsing from various locations around the world. It can also be used on different OS platforms.

If you are interested in knowing how it compares to other top VPN’s in the market, be sure to take a look at our HMA VPN Review, NordVPN Review or VyprVPN Review.


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