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Launched in Toronto, Canada in 2011, TunnelBear is a multinational vpn service that’s available in more than 20 countries across the globe. The company was founded by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk, who have previous experience working at various large firms including Goldman Sachs, RIM and Microsoft.

Tunnelbear vpn offers its users both free and paid service options, though the free version has a limit of only 500MB/month bandwidth. Subscribers can choose their vpn servers from places such as Europe, Australia, Asia as well as North and South America.

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Quick Technical Specs and Pricing for TunnelBear VPN

  • Free trial: 500MB of free data every month
  • Premium plan: $9.99/month if paid monthly or $5/month if paid yearly
  • Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Router. Opera and Chrome extensions
  • Network: Servers in 22 countries
  • Traffic: Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • Payment: Card, Paypal, Apple, Google Play and Bitcoin
  • Logging: No log policy

Other qualities of the TunnelBear VPN that make it to stand out include:

1) The network is regularly audited by professionals for security

Unlike other VPNs, TunnelBear regularly works with independent auditors who provide honest feedback about the company’s operations for the sake of customers. The last audit was conducted in July 2017 and the results published online for everybody to see, it was found that this is a reliable firm which doesn’t engage in activities such as overstated security, bandwidth selling and logging data which may otherwise erode confidence among users.

2) High-end data encryption systems

The network uses OpenVPN and IPSec/IKEv2 which together provide a 256-bit AES protection protocol. Additionally, the service has a strong data authentication system and secure Diffie-Hellman code exchange that ensures you’re only connected to TunnelBear server when you log in, and not any other unknown 3rd party networks that may pose a security threat.

Likewise, there’s a VigilantBear service that protects you when connecting and disconnecting from the server. Usually, when your Wi-Fi connection drops or you shift between different access points, there’s the risk that some of your data may leak into an unsecured connection. VigilantBear helps to prevent this from happening by playing the role of a killswitch.

Ever since it was launched, TunnelBear has never experienced any major data leakages or evidence that their encryption has been hacked, which are all good signs that it’s extremely safe to use and trustworthy.

3) Permits torrenting and TOR anonymous browsing

Previously, TunnelBear didn’t allow torrenting but things have greatly changed since then. They now accept torrenting as well as hidden browsing through the TOR network. Many users prefer using VPN together with TOR in order to maximize their anonymity when online. While some vpn services don’t have these functions at all, TunnelBear utilizes them in order to help you maximize your anonymity when using the internet.

Also, the download speed is pretty good and for that, we have included it in our top for the fastest VPN services.

4) International server locations

The company operates around 1,000 servers in different jurisdictions around the world, that’s quite a huge number of servers to choose from for subscribers. Generally, the more servers a company has the less likely you are to share bandwidth with other people also using the same server.

In total, you can access servers in 22 locations which are in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and most of Europe. This wide distribution of servers is also important when you want to spoof your location for whichever reason, plus you can always find a convenient server nearby when traveling abroad since there are a lot to choose from. The server would definitely be quicker and much more reliable than a distant one.

Furthermore, since this network consists of software-defined servers, it means multiple virtual servers are connected on a single physical server, which allows the system to be configured in such a way that a server found in one country can be made to appear as if it’s somewhere else.

5) No data logging

TunnelBear has a firm no-logging policy which is clearly mentioned on their site. They don’t store or keep information such as; DNS Queries while connected, IP addresses connected to their website, or those just visiting. This is crucial for users who are privacy-conscious, since it means their details can’t be shared or sold to other third parties even if law enforcement is involved in the matter.

They may only provide basic information such as your name, data consumption rate, OS version, email address and the 4 last digits of your credit-card number according to Canadian laws. Otherwise, sensitive information such as your full credit card details would be kept absolutely safe by TunnelBear.

TunnelBear VPN Pros and Cons


a) Responsive and supportive team. The company has an effective ticket-system for inquiries, whereby you send your questions or suggestions to them through their website and you receive a response within just a few hours through your email.

b) The VPN is accessible on multiple devices. The company provides streamlined network apps for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices. Furthermore, there’s a browser extension available for Opera and Chrome, including a tracker-blocking extension which is compatible with all TunnelBear services.

c) Affordable pricing and convenient payment methods. New subscribers are enlisted to the 500MB monthly data plan, though you can raise your bandwidth to 1GB per month by simply Tweeting about TunnelBear to your social media friends and followers. Nevertheless, if you want a more reliable package you can subscribe to the $9.99 per month Giant plan or $59.88 per year Grizzly plan. In terms of payment, the company accepts credit card transfers and private bitcoin transactions, which is a totally new trend in the vpn services industry.

d) Upgraded navigation bar and interface. While previously the company only relied on outdated switches and dials, they have since moved away from this trend to include a sleek and subtle app showcasing a central world map with the company’s various server locations. All you have to do is just choose your preferred location from the available menu, then switch the protection tool and you’ll have automatic access to the network’s multiple servers found in different countries.


a) Slow bandwidth speed. In some tests, the 100Mbps connection drastically dropped to 52.26Mbps when using the EU servers.

b) Router connection isn’t allowed. You can’t configure your TunnelBear VPN app directly on your router

c) Can’t be used on Netflix. The online streaming service has recently been blocking big VPN names, TunnelBear being one of them.

TunnelBear VPN Review: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, TunnelBear VPN is a reliable anonymous browsing network that’s based in Toronto, Canada but still available in more than 20 countries across the globe. It provides users with top-grade security and the convenience of switching between 1000 international servers.

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