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PrivateVPN is a convenient global vpn service based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 2009 and was originally named before its name was changed. Users are provided with big offerings such as multiple operating systems and protocols, reliable connectivity across the globe and unlimited-bandwidth among other functions. This PrivateVPN review, written by industry experts, demonstrates its pros and cons and organizes all important information about the company.

With all these great attributes, PrivateVPN is highly recommended for both beginners and advanced users who want to try their hand on a reliable vpn service. Below are other features of this product that make it outstanding.

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Quick Technical Specs and Pricing for PrivateVPN

  • Basic Plan: $3.82/mo if paid for 1 year, $4.88/mo if paid every 3 months or $7.67/mo if paid monthly
  • Free trial: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Routers
  • Network: Servers in 57 countries
  • Traffic: Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • Payment: Card, Paypal and Bitcoin
  • Logging: Swedish security laws means NO data logs kept

Other qualities of the PrivateVPN that make it to stand out include:

1) Highly secure

PrivateVPN securePrivateVPN is equipped with 128-bit CBC encryption that works with TAP, as well as 256-bit AES system for TUN on the existing OpenVPN protocol. Both these security programs are virtually uncrackable, even though 256-bit is the much stronger one of the two. Similarly, the vpn uses SHA256 for authentication as well as 2,048-bit RSA keys to ensure that no unauthorized person logs into your account undetected. Furthermore, it has 2,048-DHE keys which are effective in providing forward anonymity.

Based on the type of device that you’re using, PrivateVPN offers several encryption options to choose from which include; IPSec, L2TP, IKEv2, PPTP and the default OpenVPN. You can easily choose between these systems by navigating to the Dashboard tab, or Settings page found on the mobile application.

In addition, the vpn recently introduced a killswitch option meaning if your VPN disconnects for whichever reason, web traffic would also be automatically blocked. It acts like a security backup by ensuring that your data stays private even during periods of downtime. Nevertheless, if you don’t enjoy this feature you can always switch it off from the Connection Guard section found in desktop client.

2) Can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously and globally

Many devices

Compared with other vpns that can only be paired with 2 or 3 devices, PrivateVPN can work simultaneously with up to 6 devices. Furthermore, you can connect it to different types of routers such as; ASUS RT models, DD-WRT, Linksys, Synology, QNAP, pfSense and Tomato.

Moreover, on their website the company states that they have more that 80 servers spread across 56 countries, most of them are in Europe while 6 are found in the US. Despite the global network availability, you can still stream online videos seamlessly while linked to servers in places such as New York, London and Los Angeles. You’ll also experience no issues when playing games using these global servers. Similarly, switching from one server to another on the network takes just a few seconds, and you shall not encounter any loss in connection while surfing, streaming or downloading.

3) Eyecatching and user-friendly interface

PrivateVPN comes complete with a step-by-step installation guide available on the interface, and also features downloads and screenshots that you’ll find useful. To access the vpn service, simply visit the Installation Guide tab and pick your preferred protocol and operating system. Proceed by following the simple downloading steps available and then install the VPN directly on your device.

The desktop icon is designed to be simple, with the main screen allowing you to choose the server location where you want to link to. Apart from specific countries, it also allows you to view which city your server is found in. Not all vpn providers offer this service but it’s found in PrivateVPN, and can be quite helpful when you’re searching for a server that’s nearest to you geographically.

Similarly, the Dashboard tab offers you easy access to information such as your type of connection, connection time and port forwarding. From here, you can easily change the server location and connection model using the available dropdown menus. However, you need to ensure that your VPN is disconnected before making these changes in order to avoid any hanging.

4) Mobile compatible

PrivateVPN mobileIn addition to PCs and tablets, you can also access PrivateVPN directly from your mobile device, where it’s also possible to change server location, view IP address information and check how long you have been online.

If you click on the gear icon found in the top-right corner of your smartphone, you’ll be directed to the Settings page where you can easily perform functions like disabling auto-reconnect and changing your connection protocol. Similarly, the mobile-platform allows you to access your vpn account information from anywhere around the world, including connection log which you have the option of clearing if you want to.

5) High Speed

According to our VPN speed test case study, PrivateVPN has earned the 4th spot in the top 10 index. It comes with a great score for downloading and streaming (very important for a big part of the users), this making it the second best VPN choice from the batch of 10 reviewed. You can see the results HERE.

PrivateVPN Pros and Cons


a) Convenient customer support. The company supports both ticketing and live-chat options for users who have inquiries to make. For ticketing, all you need to do is just enter your name, email address and message to the contact box provided and it shall automatically be submitted once you click on send.

b) Affordable long-term pricing plan. The firm’s vpn service is relatively cheap compared to others. For instance, the yearly plan costs only $4.15 monthly and allows you to connect up to 6 devices on it at the same time. PrivateVPN also occasionally gives its users up to 25pct off discount on some of their packages.

c) Works with Netflix. Unlike other vpns that have been blocked by Netflix, PrivateVPN is still accepted by the online streaming service and you can use it to download movies and other content from anywhere around the world. You can connect to Netflix through servers found in US, UK, Canada and the Netherlands.

d) The VPN doesn’t experience buffering and technical problems since downloading speeds are considerably high.

e) It’s available in China. The Chinese government has very strict laws on online access, and has blocked OpenVPN and PPTP through the country’s firewall security. However, by using PrivateVPN’s L2TP protocol you can easily break through this firewall and access your favorite apps and internet content in China.


a) No 24/7 live-chat support.

b) The logging policy is not clear.

c) Server speeds are inconsistent in some areas.

d) All communication is done through English, meaning those who speak other languages may find it hard to understand the vpn service.

PrivateVPN Review: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, PrivateVPN is a Swedish-based vpn service that provides users with reliable connectivity across different countries around the world. As this PrivateVPN validates, The private browsing network service is available in cities such as London, New York and Los Angeles, plus you can also access it in China by using the L2TP protocol.

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