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We are on a journey to discover the best VPN for our readers, and we could not have missed NordVPN which is one of the top-rated VPN by almost all of our competitors. We wanted to inquire whether this is indeed one of the best VPN providers our there or just has terrific connections all around that got it to be recommended by organisations like PC Mag, TEDx, Buzzfeed, Wired! Magazine, The BBC and many more publications. As professionals in the online advertising industry, we know sometimes you can find your way around respectable publications based on your strong PR connections rather than the true quality your product offers.

For starters we should note that our initial opinion of NordVPN as a VPN provider was positive (even before completing our NordVPN review research), because we always favor big brands over smaller ones when it comes to a low-barrier industry like VPNs. The offering between different companies is somewhat similar with some VPN providers offering more locations/IPs than others, some of them offering better software, and some of them offering enhanced security in comparison to others — but ultimately they all offer the same basic service: connecting to the internet through a remote intermediary. Due to the nature of the VPN industry, we prefer to use established brands which have been operating for several years, like NordVPN – smaller companies don’t have the same stability the more established companies have, and can go bankrupt or just downgrade their level of service. The cheapest VPN plans are usually for 2 years time or more, so a lot of clients go down this route, and if the company fails to deliver you have to chase them to get your money back.

… without further ado, here is our NordVPN review 2018! We will continue to update it and tweak as we know more and compare it with additional VPN companies.

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NordVPN  Review: Basic Data

This part relates to the NordVPN. The company behind the product is also named NordVPN, and offers only one product, being NordVPN software.

  • Founded: 2012
  • Country / Offices: Not Specified.
  • Employees: Not Specified
  • IP Addresses: More than 2,000 IP addresses
  • Server Locations: More than 53 global server locations
  • Office Locations: Not specified..
  • Story: NordVPN is all about security, safety and anonymity online. They portray the vision of Tim Berners-Lee, one of the internet pioneers, as their guideline in creating NordVPN.  The company does not disclose any details about itself, and we would have normally regarded that as lack of transparency. Some other companies are happy to provide their office locations and disclose a lot of their business’ details, but NordVPN is certainly keeping clandestine. During the making of this NordVPN we have checked several locations to no avail in finding additional details about the company behind the software. In NordVPN’s case it seems justified to keep things on the down-low! The company is making a serious effort to stay loyal to its audience and never keep client logs. They go out their way in showing how serious they are about privacy with the following statement on their website:

  • All programming is made in house, so there is no volubility on that area.
  • Client reviews: We have discovered hundreds of NordVPN reviews by clients scattered online. The vast majority of which were very positive and it seems like people are generally very happy with the software and the level of service they have received. One thing that really stood out is how many of these positive reinforcements were related to the costumer service. This is normally a weak area for any online company, but with NordVPN it seems like they have nailed it (And it is offered 24/7).
Our Take

NordVPN is one of the most established brands in the business and they have made themselves a great name by being so adamant about security, safety and anonymity. When users choose to use NordVPN they do it knowing that the company will make any effort to never disclose any information about them or their surfing habits.


Technical Specs and Pricing

  • Basic Plan: $3.29 per month, paid 2 years upfront
  • Free trial: No
  • Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Locations: 53 (2,000 IPs)
  • Speed: Based on our inspection from multiple locations we have noticed close to 0 lag. NordVPN is definitely one of the fastest VPN providers we have used to date. We tried to use NordVPN to download files (including from P2P servers), watch streaming video, use Facebook and Twitter, and browse the internet. It was all very smooth without any reduced speed in comparison to our normal connection.
  • Security: The company does not keep user logs of its clients. At all.
Our Take

NordVPN must be the cheapest VPN software out there! We have found absolutely no other competitors who offered similarly cheap plans. Additionally, there is no “basic” Vs. “premium” plan, which means that the $3 and a change per month will get you fully covered for any use, which is again a tremendous feature in comparison to competitors who offer several subscription plans based on usage.

NordVPN’s speed was absolutely tremendous. Based on our sampling, even very remote servers will provide your sufficient speed to engage in any online activity you would like (as long as your actual internet connection is good enough to support these activities). On the negative, we can say some competitors like Vypr VPN that we have reviewed, offer more IPs and locations. Does it really make a difference to 99% of the users? Not at all. As long as there are sufficient locations and IPs to connect from that aren’t overloaded with other users, it’s all good!

The bottom line on NordVPN from the technical perspective is that it is really tremendous, and the best feature of them all which made NordVPN famous for – it is super secure and has vowed to never keep user logs!

3 Comments NordVPN Review

  1. Marco

    I totally agree, I am using nordvpn for some time already and I must say I have no problems at all. I bought it with an exclusive plan and it was very cheap.

  2. Kate

    I like this review! I’ve been using FrootVPN and I like that I can choose to connect from many server locations and it is cheaper compared to NordVPN.


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