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Namecheap is a reliable VPN service that provides users secure and unlimited anonymity solutions when browsing the internet. This world-class VPN is found in more than 40 countries around the world, where users often activate it to keep their private data hidden, maintain safety on public Wi-Fi networks and hide their IP address so as to browse the web without any restrictions.

This is a new product from an old and well renowned domain and hosting provider. So, even though the product is still being developed (increasing number of servers etc), you can rest assured that the company behind has only one thing in sight – providing a great product for its customers.

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Quick Technical Specs and Pricing for Namecheap VPN

  • Free trial: no.
  • Premium plan: $5.88/month if paid monthly, $4.88/month if paid yearly and only $2.88/month if paid for 2 years.
  • Platform availability: Windows, Mac, Android and  iOS.
  • Network: Servers in 40+ countries
  • Traffic: Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • Payment: Card, Paypal and Bitcoin
  • Logging: No log policy

Other qualities of the Namecheap VPN that make it to stand out include:

High-grade data encryption

data-encryptionAll the information you send through the network is locked, meaning no unauthorized person can access your data without your knowledge. This is particularly helpful when using the internet on vulnerable places such as cafes or restaurants, which provide public Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Sometimes, your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) may want to monitor your data, sell it to advertisers or willingly slow it down. But with Namecheap VPN you can prevent this from happening, since it provides protection from targeted and random attacks meant to capture sensitive details which you send online.

Can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously

Their app allows you to connect the VPN on up to five devices, while running them all at the same time. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the devices are Android, Windows or Apple since it works on all of them.

No logs storage

Namecheap won’t unnecessarily track or save your browsing history, neither will it reveal the data you’re sending online. However, to ensure that the network runs quickly, they may keep track of the amount of data used including the average number of times you log into the internet, but they won’t save any specifics concerning your online activity.

DNS leak protection

DNS leak protectionTypically, when you log onto a website the initial query is automatically run through a DNS. If the VPN you’re using doesn’t have DNS Leak Protection, then the query may pass through an unsecured channel where it could ‘leak’ information concerning your online activity.

Namecheap has a fully-integrated and secure DNS system that safeguards you from such security breaches.

Keeping your IP Address hidden

When not concealed, an IP can be used by third parties to locate where you live in the world, block content or keep track of your online activity. Nevertheless, when you subscribe to Namecheap VPN you’re constantly given a new IP address randomly at every moment, which will make you appear like you’re coming from any random location around the world where they have servers.

Helps you avoid ISP Throttling

Throttling occurs when your ISP provider slows down your internet willingly, so that you can spend more time visiting a particular site which is popular and make them more money in the process. However, with this VPN you can put a check on ISPs that use packet-sniffing to limit your browsing, so that they won’t be able to slow down your internet haphazardly.

Unlimited bandwidth and highspeed connectivity

Unlimited BandwidthNamecheapVPN has massive bandwidth that doesn’t run out, which makes it suitable for sharing large files online or live streaming your favorite content without any restrictions.

Moreover, since the company owns its own servers and network, they can easily invest in high-speed, powerful servers that are ideal for streaming, sending data and virtual gaming.

Simple set-up process

Registering with Namecheap is very easy and you don’t require any technical skills. Furthermore, they have a 24/7 customer support service that’s available day and night to help you with anything you need to open an account.

More than 1000 servers for connection

The company operates 1000+ servers in over 40 countries around the world, this way you can choose which server is most suitable for you to access data from.

Hot does the Namecheap VPN looks?

The first time you open the app you will be amazed about how simple the interface is. You don’t have to do anything else than choosing your desired location and press the Connect button. Alternatively, if you don’t have a preferred location, you can simply leave the VPN to choose the best server available.

That’s why I would recommend this VPN to those that are not very tech inclined. Or even better, a solution for the parents and grandparents that are using the web everyday but they still somehow (nobody knows how 🙂 ) get adware and spyware and viruses on their computers.

how it looks

Namecheap VPN list of locations

locations list

The app has pretty much every “important” country in the list of available locations and for some, more than one servers. But it’s still a growing list and it should become competitive with other top VPNs on the market.

The first time I heard about the Namecheap VPN, they had servers in only 40 countries. Now there are 73 countries. Who knows how many more will be listed when you will read this post.

Namecheap VPN Speed

I used to get the following results. Keep in mind that this VPN speed tests are not conclusive and are not done in the same precise manner that we did with the case study to find the fastest VPN. Results may vary from user to user and server to server.

Without VPN

without VPN

With VPN

with vpn speed

LA Server – Without VPN

without VPN

LA Server – With VPN

with vpn speed

Namecheap VPN for Android

The Namecheap VPN app for Android is pretty simple, as it the case for the desktop version. The available locations are pretty much the same as for the desktop version.

You can easily find it in the Google Play Store by searching for “Namecheap VPN” and it looks like the image bellow:

Nameacheap vpn Android

Nameacheap vpn locations

UDP vs TCP – Which one should you choose?

If you go to the Settings menu of the app, you can see that you can choose which Protocol to choose: UDP or TCP. None of them bring more security to the table, so don’t worry about that. Here are the main differences:

UDP – Faster Speed and only in some cases lower reliability.

TCP – Better reliability as the protocol offers more stable connections.

UDP vs TCP vpn protocol

How to set up Namecheap on an Android device:

1. Go to the Namecheap VPN page and choose your preferred plan

2. Click on the icon written ‘Buy now’ to be prompted to log into your Namecheap account.

3. Proceed by visiting the ‘Settings’ icon found in the right top corner, then pick the protocol which you want to link to.

4. A new page shall appear on your android device showing that the connection has successfully been established.

5. After using the VPN app, you can sign out by clicking on the Settings page and choosing ‘Log out’.

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