Firefox Android – How to use Private Browsing (Incognito Mode)

In this article we will explain how you can start browsing in private mode on Firefox for Android. This is especially important if you use a device that is shared between the family or multiple people. Browsing in private mode doesn’t allow the device to record your browsing history, web cache data or any other important data. Here is hot to do it.

Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

1. Tap More

1 - Firefox Android Incognito Mode

2. Tap on “New private tab”

2 - Firefox Android Incognito Mode

3. You’re done. Now you can start browsing in private mode.

3 - Firefox Android Incognito Mode

Here it is – in just two simple steps you have started browsing privately by leaving no traces in your browser’s history for others to find. Bellow are the instructions on how to close private browsing and a GIF to see how you can alternate between private and normal browsing tabs.

How to close private browsing

1 . Tap the browsing tabs

how to close private browsing firefox android

2. Tap X to close the private browsing tab.

4 - Firefox Android Incognito Mode

How to switch between regular tabs and private tabs

Firefox Android GIF

Short note: The private browsing feature for Firefox doesn’t mean that you are anonymous on the web. Far from it. It just means that other people who will use the same device won’t see what you searched and read/watched online. If you want to have full privacy, the only real way to do it is by using a VPN. You can see our recommendations in this post.

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