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ExpressVPN is a virtual private network provider that’s available in more than 148 cities around the world. The anonymous browsing software is available in a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS and Routers. The website is available in 17 languages so learning how to use it should be easy for almost every person around the world. Read the following Express VPN review to learn the ins and outs of software.

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What Makes ExpressVPN Stand Out: The Features

1. Accessible in over 94 countries globally

You can access ExpressPN from any recognized location in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East. The network can be used to stream your favorite video content from YouTube channels, as well as gaining access to online services such as Hulu, Netflix and Facebook that may be blocked in your home country. Additionally, the privacy network is available on your Smartphone so that you can access social media on the go.

With this Express VPN service, it’s also possible to unblock VoIP services such as Viber, Google Hangouts and Skype from any location in the world, even in jurisdictions where these live chat apps are restricted by the government.

2. Kill Switch

The ExpressVPN kill switch is used to protect your internet traffic from unauthorized 3rd parties, it automatically stops web traffic from entering or leaving the connection device once you’re disconnected from a private network server location. It will prevent your network traffic from being channeled back through your ISP and getting exposed to unwanted individuals.

For Express VPN, Network Lock is the primary kill switch for Mac, Linux and Windows, including the app for routers. In case your VPN unexpectedly goes off, the program will stop your computer from gaining access to the internet.

Generally, if you disable Network Lock you shall still be protected so long as you’re connected to the virtual private network. However, if the VPN connection completely fails then your traffic shall be redirected through your ISP where it can get exposed to third parties.

As a user, note that Network Lock is permitted by default on the Express VPN network for Windows, Linux, Mac and app routers, which means you can’t manipulate Network Lock while still linked to a VPN location. To update your Network Lock settings, it’s advisable to first disconnect from the VPN.

Upon clicking ‘Connect’ on your ExpressVPN, the Network Lock will remain active in case of any unexpected disconnection, and also as the app tries to re-connect. However, if you click ‘Disconnect’ or ‘Cancel’ the Network Lock shall be inactive.

3. Split tunneling

With VPN split tunneling, you can channel some of the traffic on your device or app through the privacy network, while other apps/devices maintain instant access to the web. ExpressVPN allows you to safeguard your browsing experience without losing access to nearby network devices.

With this technology, you can stream foreign movies while still using internet services from local IP networks. Furthermore, it’s possible to download safely without compromising the speed of other internet services. Not to mention that you can use your network printer while browsing the web securely.

4. Multiple VPN Protocols

Protocols refer to the techniques that your device uses to connect to a VPN server, Express VPN has four options to choose from which include TCP, SSTP L2TP, UDP and IPsecPPTP.

If your network is using a VPN app, it will automatically choose a suitable protocol for you. However, for those who aren’t using any app the process must be done manually using the instructions provided by ExpressVPN.

5. Zero knowledge DNS

Unlike other VPNs that often use 3rd party DNS, which may not be secured by the same tunneling protocol or encryption as the VPN thus leaving it vulnerable to hackers, ExpressVPN has its own special DNS running on every VPN server. This means that even in less secure spots such as cafes, airports and other Wi-Fi hotspots, your DNS requests will always be properly directed.

With this service, there are no third parties to worry about, no DNS blocking, no activity logs and a secure 256-bit encryption. Moreover, your DNS activity is secured using the same protocol that covers your entire web traffic, since ExpressVPN operates its own DNS on each server.

The built-in zero knowledge code on this network means that your personally identifiable data can’t be kept on any server. All your web traffic and DNS lookup will be protected from manipulations and attacks using the powerful encryption.


Express vpn pros and cons

Express VPN Pros and Cons



I) Ultrafast VPN speeds. ExpressVPN has an unlimited bandwidth with no buffering, it accommodates a massive network of more than 1700 VPN servers globally that are optimized for quick connections.

II) It’s simple to use and compatible with various operating systems and devices. You can set up the network on any Windows, Mac or iOS device within minutes, not to mention that downloading, installing and connecting to ExpressVPN is also at the simple push of a button.

III) High levels of security. Apart from the 256-bit AES encryption, the network also uses DNS/IPv6 leak protection and other techniques to provide enhanced security.

IV) Offshore privacy browsing. The VPN service is based in British Virgin Islands, a region with no data retention laws which means that your activity logs and connection logs won’t be recorded by the company.

V) 24/7 support. ExpressVPN has a support staff that’s friendly, prompt and assistive, whereby users have access to round-the-clock chat or email services from the company.

VI) Allows for 3 devices to be connected using a single subscription. You can use one subscription for up to 3 devices of any kind, or even add more of them using ExpressVPN’s app for virtual routers.

VII) The network’s full-featured version is available for use risk-free for a whole month.

VIII) No restrictions whatsoever. With this private browsing network, you can stream or download any content online while your IP address is constantly kept private.

IX) 30-day cash back guarantee. Every subscription package on ExpressVPN comes with a money-back guarantee for a whole month.


i. The service is costly compared other VPN providers in the same category

ii. The network has limited settings & configurations available for users

iii. There’s no phone support. In case of any query, you can only contact the company through chat or email.


Express VPN: The Bottom Line Analysis

In conclusion, ExpressVPN is a reliable and trustworthy network that can provide you maximum anonymity when surfing the internet. The software is also available in various countries across the globe. If you are interested in knowing how it compares to the best VPN’s in the market, be sure to take a look at our HMA VPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN or VPN Area reviews. We hope this ExpressVPN review was helpful and useful. Sign up using the link below!


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