How to view and delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge on a PC (Windows)

This article will show you how to view and delete your browsing history in Microsoft Edge, when you are on a Windows operating PC. You will see how to do it, step-by-step, with pictures and easy to understand instructions. This is especially important if you use a shared computer or laptop and don’t want other… Continue reading

How to view & delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer

This article explains how you can view and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer on your Windows PC. Your browsing history (sites you have visited etc) is saved on your computer. Do you share a computer with someone (roommate?). Are you using a public computer (Internet cafe, school, or library?). If so, you may… Continue reading

How to clear and view browsing history in Safari on a Mac

This article explains how to view browsing history and clear the web cache, cookies, and history. Safari collects and saves a detailed history of your internet navigation. Note that if you are using iCloud, deleting your browser history will remove your history from all of your iDevices (like iPad or iPhone) signed into your iCloud account. So,… Continue reading