All about cookies

What are web cookies? Web cookies (Search cookies) are data files used by advertisers and websites that are stored in a computer for tracking purposes. Search cookies pose no danger to a computer, but many people consider them invasive to privacy because they track users’ browsing behaviors. Cookies are designed to save users’ browsing preferences…. Continue reading

How to view & delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer

This article explains how you can view and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer on your Windows PC. Your browsing history (sites you have visited etc) is saved on your computer. Do you share a computer with someone (roommate?). Are you using a public computer (Internet cafe, school, or library?). If so, you may… Continue reading

How to clear and view browsing history in Safari on a Mac

This article explains how to view browsing history and clear the web cache, cookies, and history. Safari collects and saves a detailed history of your internet navigation. Note that if you are using iCloud, deleting your browser history will remove your history from all of your iDevices (like iPad or iPhone) signed into your iCloud account. So,… Continue reading

Browse privately: How to browse the Internet without leaving history (iOS – Safari)

This article explains how to turn on and off Private Browsing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. By default, Safari remembers the web sites you visited. Private Browsing, however, lets you navigate the Internet without creating a search history.  This means that you can prevent mobile Safari from saving and a record of which… Continue reading

How to view and delete Chrome browsing data on iPhone & iPad

Are you using Chrome as an web browser alternative to iOS Safari? You may want to clear your browser data: ‘browsing history’, ‘cookies and site data’, ‘cached images and files’, ‘saved passwords’, and ‘autofill data’. This document also explains how to clear the web cache and cookies. Here is how: Clearing Complete History Launch the Chrome app… Continue reading