Opinion: Is Internet Surveillance Another Mean of Brainwash?

 Death – 1,000 Eyes – From the Album Symbolic, March 1995 “…. Plunging into a newfound Age of advanced observeillance A worldwide, foolproof cage Privacy and intimacy as we know it Will be a memory…”   Internet surveillance and content control in the hands of many governments is increasing over the past few years in… Continue reading

How to view and delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge on a PC (Windows)

This article will show you how to view and delete your browsing history in Microsoft Edge, when you are on a Windows operating PC. You will see how to do it, step-by-step, with pictures and easy to understand instructions. This is especially important if you use a shared computer or laptop and don’t want other… Continue reading

All about cookies

What are web cookies? Web cookies (Search cookies) are data files used by advertisers and websites that are stored in a computer for tracking purposes. Search cookies pose no danger to a computer, but many people consider them invasive to privacy because they track users’ browsing behaviors. Cookies are designed to save users’ browsing preferences…. Continue reading

How to view & delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer

This article explains how you can view and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer on your Windows PC. Your browsing history (sites you have visited etc) is saved on your computer. Do you share a computer with someone (roommate?). Are you using a public computer (Internet cafe, school, or library?). If so, you may… Continue reading