Visit the site: RuinMySearchHistory.com. It WON’T ruin your search history until you click the blue search button.

Ruin Search History

When you do click the button, the site starts to do a number of Google searches all on its own, right before your eyes. And they’re probably the kind of searches you wouldn’t want anyone to see in your search history. You’ll see what I mean.

They start off pretty tame, but get much much worse. Read some of the coverage if you’re not as brave as the half a million people to click the button so far…

But… why?

You can read my Vice interview here.

Some see it as a prank site, some as a pointless piece of shit website, while others as serious commentary on the issue of government watch lists, NSA, Snowden, spying etc.

(It’s actually all three)

View my recent opinion article to learn more about my agenda and motives.


The reception to Ruin My Search History has been CRAZY.


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